1. Review ASMBS approved procedures/revisions
  2. Review safety and efficacy of common revisional procedures
  3. Resources and reimbursement issues


Decision-making in the area of bariatric revision surgery is complex! The answers are found in the details of individual case scenarios and therefore illustrative “real-life” cases make for the best learning opportunity for revision decisions.

Concise case presentations will be utilized to examine revision decisions after primary bariatric operations. Topics will include patient selection, indications for intervention, and both surgical and endoscopic strategy options. Real life cases will be used to illustrate decisions and as examples of potential outcome scenarios.

Do you have an interesting case? Registered attendees are invited to submit an interesting case. A select few will be presented during this session. Please contact Amie Buehler amie@asmbs.org for more information.

Revision for complications of primary bariatric procedures
8:45am Reflux with bile in stomach after previous bypass
Vishal Kothari, MD
9:00am GERD with or without hiatal hernia after sleeve
Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS
9:15am Marginal ulcer perforation and long-term management after bypass
Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS
9:30am The long-term band with esophageal dilatation, dysmotility, GERD and regain
Natan Zundel, MD FASMBS
9:45am Recurrent diarrhea and episodes of malnutrition after Switch
Vivek Prachand, MD
10:00am Recurrent pain attacks - intussusception at the small bowel anastomosis
Teresa LaMasters, MD
10:15am Break
Revision for suboptimal weight loss after primary procedures
10:45am Good band result gone bad- now what?
Vafa Shayani, MD FASMBS
11:00am Pouch / outlet revision after gastric bypass
Eric DeMaria, MD FASMBS
11:15am Distalization after gastric bypass
Ali Aminian, MD FASMBS
11:30am The funny looking sleeve (FLS) with weight regain: re-sleeve/convert
Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS
11:45am Previous endoscopic sleeve –now requesting the “real thing”
Rachel Moore, MD FACS FASMBS
12:00pm The unknown previous procedure 20 years ago- do I need the op note?
Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS; Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS; Eric DeMaria, MD FASMBS