8:45am A111 Pitfall For Sleeve Gastrectomy In Complex Hernia Patient
Authors: Tripurari Mishra, MD; Brandon Grover, DO FASMBS
Presenter: Tripurari Mishra, MD
8:51am A112 Lengthening The Common Channel For Malabsorption After Duodenal Switch
Authors: Victor Kim, MD; Dmitri Nepomnayshy, MD; Reuben D. Shin, MD
Presenter: Victor Kim, MD
8:57am A113 Bariatric Surgery Is Associated With Decreased Nash Clinical Risk Scores Among High Risk Patients
Authors: Neil A King, MD; Aryan Meknat, MD; Abiba Salahou, BS; John Vullo, BS; Daniela E Guevara, MD; Daniel M Herron, MD; Gustavo Fernandez-Ranvier, MD PhD
Presenter: Neil A King, MD
9:03am A114 Down To The Wire: Laparoscopic Removal Of A Wire Causing A Chronic Gastric Pouch Stricture
Authors: Jingliang Yan, MD PhD; Brandon Williams, MD; Matthew Spann, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Jingliang Yan, MD PhD
9:09am A115 Advanced Age And Frailty In Bariatric Surgery: Outcomes Analysis Using Acsnsqip Database
Authors: David Pechman, MD MBA; Robin Berk, BS; Corin M Kinkhabwala, BA; Ruben Salas Parra, MD; David Weithorn, MD; Fernando Munoz Flores, MD; Diego R Camacho, MD
Presenter: David Pechman, MD MBA
9:15am A116 Robotic Single Anastomosis Duodenal Switch After Open Nissen Fundoplication
Authors: Rex Farrer, DO; Matthew Fourman, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Rex Farrer, DO
9:21am A117 Perioperative Outcomes Of Robotic-Assisted Approaches To Gerd Post Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Patrick T Dolan, MD; Francesca Dimou, MD; Jackly M Juprasert, MD; Gregory F Dakin, MD; Alfons Pomp, MD FASMBS; Cheguevara Afaneh, MD
Presenter: Patrick T Dolan, MD
9:27am A118 Hostile Abdomen With Intestinal Discontinuity, Is Surgery The Only Option?
Authors: William J Streiff, DO; Michel Murr, MD; Jennifer A Haas, MD; John Paul Gonzalvo, DO; Sara Hughes, APRN
Presenter: William J Streiff, DO
9:33am A119 A Safe 2-Step Procedure To Sadi-S Duodenal Switch For Management Of Patients Who Have Failed Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass With A 30 Day And 6 Month Follow Up
Authors: Helmuth Billy, MD
Presenter: Helmuth Billy, MD
9:39am A120 Indocyanine Green (Icg) Use For Revisional Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Bhavani Pokala, MD; Salim Hosein, MD; Crystal M Krause, PhD; Corrigan McBride, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Bhavani Pokala, MD
9:45am A121 Robot-Assisted Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch In A Morbidly Obese Patient
Authors: Rena Moon, MD; Muhammad A Jawad, MD; Andre F Teixeira, MD
Presenter: Muhammad Ghanem, MD
9:51am A122 Health Risk Distortion Occurs With Increasing Body Mass Index
Authors: Megan C Turner, MD MHS; Julia O'Brien, PhD; Lindsay Juarez, PhD; Rachel M Kahn, BS; Dan Ariely, PhD; Keri A Seymour, DO
Presenter: Megan C Turner, MD MHS
9:57am A123 Economics Of Revisions. Is It Wise To Stage Revisional Surgery?
Authors: Anthony A Castelli, MD; Rami Lutfi, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Anthony A Castelli, MD
10:03am A124 Assessment Of Long-Term Outcomes Following Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy With Anterior Fundoplication
Authors: Jaine L McKenzie, MD; Aaron R Bolduc, MD; L. Renee Hilton, MD
Presenter: Jaine L McKenzie, MD
10:09am A125 Efficacy Of Bariatric Surgery Amongst Adolescent Patients With Super-Obesity
Authors: Neil A King, MD; Aryan Meknat, MD; Daniela E Guevara, MD; Daniel M Herron, MD; Gustavo Fernandez-Ranvier, MD PhD
Presenter: Neil A King, MD