Learning Objectives

  1. Optimizing marketing and patient throughput strategies
  2. Review multiple practice models
  3. Access to care for the private practice surgeon
  4. Reimbursement strategies

1:15pm My first contract to my best contract
1:35pm 5 years plus into private practice: lessons learned
1:55pm Making it in private practice: Hospital salary lines to online store
Paul Kemmeter, MD
2:15pm TNE, EGD, Body Comp and Fibroscan: Ancillary Income for the Practice
Helmuth Billy, MD
2:35pm Adding Cosmetic procedures: A full complement of services
Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS
2:55pm Medical Weight Management: Part of a Successful Surgical Practice
Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Hiring phenomenal staff and best management style
Mona Misra, MD FASMBS
3:50pm Bringing Advanced Care Providers and Physicians in to the Practice
Emma Patterson, MD
4:10pm Coding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Matthew Brengman, MD
4:30pm Balloons, Real Self, Insta and More! Take Your Practice to the Next Level
4:50pm How to stay Busy> 250 cases per surgeon per year in our current environment
C. Ken Mitchell, Jr, MD FACS FASMBS