Learning Objectives

  1. Participants should learn how to start and build a solid bariatric practice that has the correct elements to provide comprehensive care of the morbidly obese patient
  2. Participants will be educated about different ways to have their practice be viable and sustainable economically while providing the best care to their patients
  3. Participants should learn from the experts best way to incorporate cash pay procedures, perioperative testing, body contouring and other elements that they may want to incorporate to expand the scope of their practice.

1:15pm Welcome
Marina Kurian, MD
1:20pm Starting a Bariatric Practice: Tools You Need and How to Set Yourself for Success
Brandon Grover, DO
1:33pm How to Choose the Best Job? What Matters and What Does Not in a Contract
Ashutosh Kaul, MD
1:48pm Surviving the First Five Years
Thomas White, MD
2:03pm Choosing the Right Corporation for You
Shawn Garber, MD
2:17pm Internet/Website/Social Media Strategies to Maximize Your Practice
Rachel Moore, MD FACS
2:31pm Staying Relevant in a Changing Medical Landscape
Margaret Inman, MD ACS
2:46pm Steps to Turn the Practice into an Efficient Profitable Corporation
Paul Enochs, MD FACS
3:01pm Optimizing Revenue with Ancillary Services: Dexa, TNE, Labs, Echo, Stress and Duplex
Helmuth Billy, MD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Partnering with the Hospital: How Do I Get the Benefit Without Losing Control?
Paul Kemmeter, MD
3:57pm Medical Weight Management: Complement or Competition?
Marina Kurian, MD
4:09pm Incorporating a Bariatrician/NP/PA
Kristin Roller, MD
4:21pm Branding Your Name and Corporation: How to Make a Major Online Presence
Mark Scholtemeyer
4:33pm Liability: Strategy to Avoid, Confront, and Live Through Your First Lawsuit
Erin Haltek
4:45pm Protecting Your Assets and Planning Your Retirement
Joseph Biondolillo
5:00pm Closing
Marina Kurian, MD