Our Main Event will feature a 4 round battle of bariatric surgery superstars showing off their best moves and fancy surgical footwork to avoid and treat complications, discuss controversial topics and perform outstanding primary and revision procedures. All of this in a boxing ring.

This is an interactive event. The presenter, panel of judges and referees will discuss, debate and interact with the audience and you will vote for your favorite. Have your own moves? Grab the microphone and let us hear how you would handle it better!

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate technical tips and tricks for the common bariatric and metabolic procedures.
  • Avoid and manage common preventable complications in bariatric surgery by identifying proper technical steps of each procedure.
  • Identify an algorithm to match the best procedure for the individual patient.
  • Have a better understanding of controversial topics.

Round 1: Primary bariatric operations/ Referees: Eric DeMaria & Alan Saber
8:00am Tips & tricks for sleeve gastrectomy
Wayne English, MD
8:20am Tips & tricks for Roux en Y gastric bypass
Mohamed Ali, MD
8:40am Tips & tricks for DS
Michel Gagner, MD
9:00am Tips & tricks for SADI
Dana Portenier, MD
9:20am Discussion
9:30am Break
Round 2: Revisions and conversions
10:00am Tips& tricks for conversion of band to sleeve or bypass
Helmuth Billy, MD
10:20am Tips & tricks for conversion of sleeve to RYGBP
Samuel Szomstein, MD
10:40am Tips & tricks for conversion of sleeve to SADI or DS
Ranjan Sudan, MD
11:00am Tips & tricks for revision of RYGBP
Alan Wittgrove, MD
11:20am Gastric Balloons: insertion, removal & technical problems
John Morton, MD MPH FACS
11:40am Discussion
12:00pm Lunch
Round 3: Controversies in How to avoid and deal with complications/ Referees: Natan Zundel & Shanu Kothari
1:00pm Comorbidities Still there..Now what? Debated by Alan Wittgrove and Michel Gagner
1:20pm How to deal with leak after bariatric surgery. Debated by Raul Rosenthal and Manoel Galvao
1:40pm Weight Regain after LRYGB. Debated by Eric DeMaria and Erik Wilson
2:00pm GERD before and after; sleeve or no sleeve? Debated by Anthony Petrick and Samer Mattar
2:20pm GI bleeding post op; Surgery or Endoscopy? Debated by Alan Saber and Rachel Moore
2:40pm Discussion
3:00pm Break
Round 4
3:30pm Can we match patient and procedure? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If so, how? Debate with audience
Stacy Brethauer, MD
3:50pm Robotics in Bariatric Surgery. Debated by Erik Wilson and Rami Lutfi
4:10pm Final punches- Discussion Q&A from audience and panel And the winner is...selection of the new world champion!
5:00pm Adjourn