Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a better appreciation of Robotics in Bariatric Surgery
  2. Gain real world tricks in shortening learning curve in Bariatrics
  3. Decide if Robotics in Bariatrics is applicable to their individual Practice situation


This Video session is designed to help practicing bariatric surgeons incorporate Robotics in their practice. Nuances in technique, learning curve, practical applications and incorporation of robotics in a training program are discussed.

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10:45am Welcome and Introduction
Rana Pullatt, MD
10:50am Robotic Sleeve gastrectomy as an Index case for Robotic Bariatric Surgery
11:05am Robotic Gastric Bypass- Tips and Tricks
11:20am Robotic Duodenal Switch
11:35am Robotics in Revisions and Foregut Surgery
11:50am Robotic Bariatric Surgery in Private Practice
12:05pm Panel Discussion
12:15pm Adjourn