Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the potential benefits of adding robotics to your practice
  2. To understand the potential negatives/challenges of adopting robotics into your practice
  3. Audience Polling- To learn the current perspectives of ASMBS membership of the role of robotics for bariatric surgery
  4. To determine the best practices and patients that may benefit from robotics??

1:15pm Welcome
Eric DeMaria, MD FASMBS; Mona Misra, MD FASMBS
Examples of robotic surgery procedures and utility of robotic techniques
1:25pm Great patients for Robotic Cases- VIDEOS/ cases
Erik Wilson, MD
1:40pm Terrible patients/cases for Robotics - VIDEO
Helmuth Billy, MD
Just the Facts Please: Data driven discussion of robotics in bariatric practice
1:55pm PRO- Why Adopt Robotic Surgery into Bariatric Practice- evidence/data?
Abraham Krikhely, MD FASMBS
2:05pm CON- Why do NOT adopt Robotic Surgery into Bariatric Practice-evidence/data?
John Morton, MD MPH FACS
2:15pm ON THE FENCE- Why robotics is good but is it good enough?? Concept good but Helpful?
Mona Misra, MD FASMBS
How robotics impacts costs for care and efficiency
2:25pm PRO- Costs of Adding Robotics to Bariatric Surgery Practice
Richard DiCicco, MD FASMBS
2:40pm CON- Costs of Adding Robotics to Bariatric Surgery Practice
Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS
2:55pm Productivity Affect- How do high volume surgeons adapt case volume for time of robot set-up, etc?
Rana Pullatt, MD
3:05pm Is the Tech added to robotics as good as established products? Energy/Staplers
Michel Gagner, MD
3:15pm Break
Robotics: training, learning and teaching
3:45pm Robotic Learning Curve- how adpot safely? Lap skills first?
Teresa LaMasters, MD
3:55pm Teaching- How will /should robotics affect teaching residents/fellows-adapt to future?
Scott Cunneen, MD
4:05pm Future of Robotics- Looking Bright? Ethicon/Medtronic/Transenterics/Intuitive
Alessio Pigazzi, MD PhD FACS FASCRS
4:15pm Panel Debate (Q&A)
Eric DeMaria, MD FASMBS; Mona Misra, MD FASMBS
5:00pm Adjourn