This course is for prospective, current and recent fellows. This course will fulfill the bariatric curriculum requirements for the ASMBS Fellows Certificate

8:45am Welcome & Introduction
Ranjan Sudan, MD
8:50am Selecting a Bariatric Operation: Evidence Based Approach
Vamsi Alli, MD
9:10am Pre Operative Evaluation:Primary Cases
Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS
9:30am Pre Operative Evaluation: Revision Cases
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
9:50am ERAS PreHabilitation
Anthony Petrick, MD FASMBS
10:10am Closing Question & Answer
Ranjan Sudan, MD
10:15am Break
10:45am Welcome
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
10:50am Lap Adjustable Band: Fills, Dealing with Complications, Successful Explantations
Vishal Kothari, MD
11:05am Lap Gastric Bypass: Techniques
11:20am Lap Duodenal Switch: Techniques
Ranjan Sudan, MD
11:35am Short Term Complications
Tuesday Cook, MD FACS FASMBS
11:50am Long Term Complications
Ranjan Sudan, MD
12:00pm Closing Question & Answer
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
12:15pm Lunch
1:14pm Welcome
Ranjan Sudan, MD
1:15pm Endoscopic Primary Bariatric Procedures
Rachel Moore, MD FACS FASMBS
1:30pm Endoscopic Revision Procedures
Eric Marcotte, MD FASMBS
1:50pm ERAS Post Operative Pathways/ Decreasing Readmissions
Stacy Brethauer, MD FASMBS
2:10pm New Applications of Bariatric Surgery (BMI <35, hernia, diabetes)
Ali Aminian, MD FASMBS
2:30pm Childhood and Adolescent Bariatric Surgery
Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS
2:50pm Coding and Insurance Approvals
Helmuth Billy, MD
3:10pm Closing Question & Answer
Ranjan Sudan, MD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Welcome
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
3:50pm Career Options (private practice/academic/employed/multispecialty)
Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS; Rami Lutfi, MD FACS FASMBS; Alfonso Torquati, MD MSCI
4:30pm Engaging in the Society
Teresa LaMasters, MD
4:50pm Closing Question & Answer
Ranjan Sudan, MD; Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS